Musings about The Expendables

I don’t write reviews, because I always feel that’s a waste of efforts and I am not expert on the stuff that I will be reviewing. But sometimes I feel like doing a review. Then I ponder about the definition of a review, and get stuck there, and eventually, I don’t write it at all.

I recently saw the movie Expendables. In summary, it’s a nice package of entertainment. I loved the action, like I do in case of Jet Li, Statham movies. I like the occasional slowdowns that renders the moves clear. I liked the gunfights, it’s intense. I like the emotional conflicts that took place between the mercenaries and other people around them. To talk about weapons, this movie excels. It has bullets flying around, some very high tech miniature self-arming bullet like bombs, shells exploding in mid air with external stimulation (Stallone shot it with his Gun), C4 (maybe) charges etc etc.

I liked Steve Austin wrestling, and the blade actions delivered by Jason Statham. Jet Li does have his own impulsive martial arts sequence, I liked those.

Like other movies in the category, it doesn’t really have a good story.

It’s a good watch for once.

The poster is from IGN… 😛


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