Shots of Vodafone and flowers…

I discovered recently that Vodafone appoints agencies for marketing. People call you up and say about all the features you can get with this plan and that. I was a prepaid Vodafone customer, and I moved to postpaid recently, and I am definitely not at home with it. It’s because I cannot track my expenses. It’s easy to cross over the limits with such a subscription where you will be billed once a month only. I was alarmed. I did think of this before, while I was still in prepaid scheme, but vigorous phone calls convincing me to take postpaid was a headache. I received calls everyday and said everything that would convince me to take postpaid. I wanted not to but after a while, I got tired of their phone calls and I took the post paid scheme.

Then I discovered it is not always necessary that the service should be neat, sometimes it’s only convincing that you need to do to do business. I am already unhappy with Vodafone’s postpaid and I need to go back to prepaid scheme. 😦

I took out the Micro NIKKOR today, to get a shot of the fly which was probable drinking honey from a flower. I went up to the terrace go get some good shots of it. I didn’t know the Macro lens can deliver such great photographs. I am very satisfied with the quality of the photographs. 🙂

I forgot to note the focal length of the lens, it’s an old manual lens. I will update it if I remember…

Here are a few shots,


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