A good look at the future…

Are loneliness and boredom redundant together? I do think so. Thus, I started working on searching stuff that I am truly passionate about. Reason: I am F**King lonely for a few days. There is a probability that it is due to that break up I had a while ago. But I don’t feel that it is entirely because of that although it’s true that I am still struggling to get over the emotions with logic and ice-axes.

The only reason I can ‘not’ be lonely, is by being busy. I am bored. The academic style, bores me. I need brain stimulation. And coupled with the fact that I don’t have anyone to gossip with, I am virtually lonely (or dead).

Coming to the question “How to be busy?”, I thought about working on stuff that will actually help me understand my career options. My exploration provides some options,

  1. Photography (Professionally).
  2. Web design and development.
  3. R&D in Electronics and Computer Sciences.
  4. Starting a small business (Regarding games and intelligent toys).
  5. Graphic design.

The fourth point, the business one; I don’t think I will be good at it without any industrial experience or whatsoever.

The fifth point is very exciting, but I am not sure about the freelancing picture of this field or how much I can do.

I am searching for a great career rather than searching for a job; And it is very easy to justify. It’s only because I believe, “Without fun, it’s pointless”.

Most graduate jobs these days, well… I don’t like them. I can go to Google though. 😀

Talking about the third point, it is the easiest and exciting option I have and closest to my college degree. But I need a masters degree, for that I need to get into a good university. And to make myself acceptable to good universities I need to do stuff that will reflect my degree perfectly. For that I need a good undergrad college. I don’t have that.

Talking about the first point, I think I can do good at that, but I am not sure about that. And talking a insane move of getting to pro photography, I am kinda scared of that.

The second point is good, but given the sheer size of syllabus, I should not comment anything on this option.

All the options (except the fourth), I can try out. I have time. Let’s manage it.


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