Musings on philosophy and other strange mental disorders

Recently I got a book named, “The Bed of Procrustes” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. I read from the blurb that he is the author of “Black Swan”. I didn’t know him or the bestseller before I read the blurb. He is a philosopher, thinker etc.

I liked the way he presents thought. “The Bed of Procrustes” presents a very profound and horrible truth that needs attention. The preface is about the tale of the bed of Procrustes. How he sized people up to fit into his bed. It’s something we are doing to ourselves to fit into the social structures. That’s what he said. And that’s what I support.

Speaking about mental disorders, I would like to call this disorder as, Procrustes disorder. Nicholas gave me a nice knife to insult society. Cut the limbs and fit a person into a box, that’s what society is doing, that’s what I feel people are doing around me. This is what I feel the social systems are only capable of. Education system? There are medications that will help children get along with the curriculum. We are not really bothered about what needed to be changed in the system of education. (This example is given by Nicholas, and I love the example).

And in this book, he gives some exceptional threads of thought that can actually help people understand life in a manner that contradicts the old philosophies of life.


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