It’s night, about 1.07AM when I started writing this post. I am sad, but I am not that kind of sad that makes me cry. I am just sad, and I am in the mood of ambient electronic music. Right, there is Carbon Based Lifeforms for me. Those who don’t know about Carbon Based Lifeforms, it’s a music group making electronic ambient music. They are pretty good at it.

I feel like smoking (or drinking). I don’t know how it feels when you drink alcohol. I hear that it’s bitter in taste, and I also hear it’s a wonderful experience, liquor. I know how it feels when you smoke. The nicotine, getting into your blood, doing very hush-hush chemical mumbo jumbo. Liberates your mind within seconds. The bad thing written at the bottom of the pack.

Addiction can be defined as something that you cannot define why you like it. I am not addicted to nicotine, because I can still give a reason why I do smoke sometimes. It’s the easiest way to get liberated other than music.

There is an experiment left to do. Smoking while listening to music. I just wonder how it would feel like. I would have to choose the cigarette brand very carefully in terms of stimulation and I would have to do it in a pretty isolated place.

Programming is also very liberating, but it fails to mend my broken heart. Photography is very selective in terms of addictiveness. Design stuff and engineering are not addictive at all, they are intoxicating in certain situations.

The reason I didn’t post give a name to this post because I wanted it to be a quick and fast post. I feel like posting all night long.


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