How many times I have to make her realize how much she is important to me? Why can’t she just co-operate, by at least caring for my sorry existence? I just hope she does care but never shows.

I am blogging heavily these days, just to make me feel lighter. Maybe I am just over-blogging.

I would like to list some stuff related to her, I cherish a lot…

    And then, I realize what a stupid I am, making a list. It would be every moment I have been with her, talked with her, texted her. It’s practically impossible to make a list of all that. Let all be memories, and let all be forgiven.

    P.S. Even if I forgave her many days ago, I still blog about her, express my anguish, sorrow or whatever. Folks, don’t misunderstand me. It’s just my heart, she has nothing to do with it.


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