Well, taking a person for granted? That’s bad. Taking a person as granted like a dog? That’s worse. Being nice has it’s own downsides when it comes to dealing with minds so convoluted.

All I wanted was a little company, companionship, support and more blah. When I needed her most, she was gone.

I had her birthday gift. She wanted to work on embedded electronics, I just wanted to help her. I gave her a few eqiupments. And the least I expected was she would get interested in AVR programming. She wanted me to wait, and get things explained. I waited. And when I reminded her I was waiting for her for this, the only thing she could say, “Let’s hurry with the explanation”. Just think! I am trying to get her into embedded electronics and she is demanding a crash course? She was not at all interested, because afterward I couldn’t see her getting busy. She could say later if that was such a problem. Or rather she could say  I just hope she uses Google a lot and uses the equipment at least for her own interests. She didn’t even ask about the pinout of USBasp.

Sad? Isn’t it? Folks, if you didn’t understand what I was talking about, all I can say use Google and I am disappointed with her. I am sick of surviving on pity. I don’t like to think she is spitting pity on my soul, but it feels so close to it. I am starting to think Ego is a good thing to have.

Did I mention, she also thinks I am unreliable? Maybe I am. 😀

All I can get myself consoled upon is the fact that I at least gave her which just might help her getting into embedded electronics. I also gave her a jar cross-faded red green LED night-lamp operated by 2 x AA batteries. Hope that would light her a up a bit.

Are keeping promises “no-matter-what” is right? I am only asking because she once asked me never to leave me, and I promised I would not. I cannot stop myself from going ahead and keep helping her. She gives me a little token of appreciation, as anyone would throw a cookie to a Dog. And when I bark, she just give my head a little shake and I am cool. Dog, I am the Dog or I am just sarcastic.

I would someday ask her, “Had fun?”


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