The truth… sudden revelations…

It’s 1.40AM. And I was looking at the improvement a Guy is making on the other blogs. He is doing a great job. He created a forum and I was checking it up.

Suddenly I just realized that no matter how much she denies she loved me a lot once, and now she is just not into me. It’s that simple. And I am pretty amazed how quickly my mind could accept the simplicity. Not that I am free of all the shackles of sorrow, but the simplicity of the problem, is accepted. You might ask “Why is it so?”. I managed to accumulate all the memories and crunched them up rather than individually analyzing them, and I found out the truth and it’s compatible with the very first theories I produced about cascaded heartbreak disorder.

She denied everything, very easily. I won’t say that if she didn’t deny and be straight about it, I would be able to take it. Maybe she had to make up stories to keep me sane, and denial was a part of it only. She deserves a “Thanks” for this. But still, she denied the truth.

Or maybe, she just don’t even realize the truth. After all, she has lots of brain functions different than the average. She is just acting as per her priorities (which is faulty), and that’s making her do all that, creating all the contradictions. If this is the case, I should at least try to fix the damn thing inside her cranium, and take that ex out of it. It’s making her sick. But before that I need to make her realize that she is being operated by a faulty system inside her brain (sometimes maybe stimulated be external stimulants). That’s the hardest part of it. It’s much like Geology, pressure and time and you deform the landscape.


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