It’s no use…

It’s getting worse day by day. Harder to get through the day. I need to pass all the mid-sems, and I am just sick. Being physically sick has advantages, you can give up a medical certificate. But when it comes to mental sickness, you cannot really do anything and you just keep suffering.

It’s no use shedding tears. That’s a fact, but it’s not stopping me from crying. I can do nothing to get back her love. But still I hope she comes back. This is the one of the most fundamental difference between a computer and a brain. You cannot really program a brain. You have to perform inception. 😀

I was amazed how all sorrow was down to zero when we were together, and I thought this was it, my time has come. Ironic!

When a friend of mine said that I should not get late in getting forward into this relationship of mine, someone else might come and jeopardize it; I proudly said that our relationship is not in such a fickle state that suddenly someone can come along and jeopardize everything. The bomb was dropped the very next day. Irony again! I don’t think someone else came along, but it sure did break.

I am bored with everything. I cannot get fond of games, studies, books anything. Everything seems pointless and grey.

I am getting sicker day-by-day.



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