My little love story…

I guess it’s over. I thought I found “the great love”. But it’s just my little love story now.

It began suddenly few months ago, when we were a few months younger. She told me that she was getting tangled with me, and I said I was not sure if I liked her still (I did have crush on her since the first semesters). Few weeks passed by and I started loving her, and she started to love me.

We were great! We spend day together, no always by being in proximity, but in through texts, calls, you name it. Months passed, and I started making mistakes and she got pissed off about a lot. I apologized, she said, “It’s okay”. I was the happiest man in the world. Wandering off, proud and strong knowing someone backed me up. I loved her.

Days passed by, until that day came. November 19th, afternoon, she asked to move away from her.

And till this day, I have been fighting, shouting, crying and anything someone unstable can do. And I pissed her off more. And now, I guess it’s over.


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