It’s a drum synthesizing and sequencing software. A pretty classic one among music people. I liked that sequencer when I first fired it up. It was RB-338. It’s no more. Today while writing on that fact I am actually having a intellectual re-birth, I just remembered about the software. Few months ago, I was eager to change the way I think just to be comfortable with her. It was darn pointless I guess, looking back. Dying in the process of changing I had get a birth again. I thanked her for making do that.

My latest interest is in wireless mesh networking. I have been working on other stuff, like signals and systems study etc.

Wireless mesh networking has some nice quirks, like self healing algorithms, relaying algorithms. I am interested in self co-ordination. When each node is same, they make one coordinator and assign addresses to themselves. In a mesh suddenly put together it is very essential to make a leader (coordinator).

Signals and systems study is not a good thing to write about here, but it’s quite interesting.

In brief, I found some fine pastime. 🙂

When I started writing this blog post, India won the match. Party time!


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