It’s hard to change…

This blog is just dying. It has reflected too much sorrow, it’s like when a reader comes up and start reading, he/she will easily get frustrated when she gets on and see nothing else than melancholy of heartbreak for a mile or so.

Me? I am trying to rediscover what I love, what I like, what my real passions are, stuff like that. I need to explore a lot more, but I am not having much time to do so.

She said, “You can never forget your first Love”, well I can, and I will. I will forget my first and move on looking forward to love someone again. If she ever comes back before I find someone else, she will also be my second love, not my first. I don’t want to have a patch up job on my heart. Everything will be new. So should be the blog. Though it’s a long blog, and have a lot of myself here. It’s hard for me to leave thist blog, but I think it is necessary. It got boring.

To Iron Man guy, Tony Stark, has no nostalgia, I think I should not have some too. 🙂 Let’s move on.

First step, decide a better name.

Second step, decide what to write on. A blog is not a diary, it’s nothing that personal, it’s more of a publishing platform. When the blog is something like a diary, it’s different, I can use facebook notes for that purpose too.

Third step, start writing…

Maybe this is the last post of this blog. I will update the post as soon as I get the new blog up and running.


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