Morning post on current life

I planned to write this post when I was having tea in the morning after I woke up, first thing in the morning (‘my morning’, which is actually pre-noon). But this addiction to facebook, just didn’t let me do that. I had tea, with facebook, checked up all the notifications, checked email and when I had no more tea in my cup, I fired up Google Talk so what people can reach me and I started to type in WordPress.

Let’s talk about some of these new instincts I am noticing inside me.

First, I have this sense of photography. I did think about these things before, but never like this. It’s quite instinctive. Like whenever I am watching a photograph, I think about the compositional elements that went into this, the subtle post-processing effect. And it all comes instinctively. It’s the same with videography too. These days whenever I see a video shot, I think about the elements of composition that went into it. The movement of camera, the effect of that movement on the overall presentation, the depth of fields etc. I notice all these in a manner I never did before. I don’t enjoy movies and photographs as simply as I did few months back.

Then there is this design sense. I can’t help notice the design flaws that is there in a certain product. Say, Euroclean Bravo, this new vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes. It has problems. It’s designed for right handed people only. The blower thing is not convenient. Holds little mount of dust so you need clean it up freqeuntly. You cannot put it down of the floor it would topple easily that way. The neck strap was way too weak. Definitely not a robust domestic product. Yet, they manage to sell this thing. It all comes into my mind when I see this little neat vacuum cleaner. I have this instinct for electronic stuff too. Like how the power supply is designed, whether it can take a sqaure wave inverter easily of not. How much harmonic protection there are etc etc.

Then there is another instinct about screenplay. I can sense which scene is next, and which dialogue a movie may blurp out. I enjoy those when my senses are wrong, but I getting less wronge these days. Does that mean I can start making films?

Apart from instincts…

I took this new website project, where I am kinda the back-end/front-end developer along with being full fledged designer. It seems like a pretty big project and I am scared. It’s like I bit more than I can chew.

And I got a (awesome) friend, whose company I just love. 🙂

P.S. I am actually posting it 12 hours delayed, due to powers cut. It’s killing me!


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