Reality check 1.o

It’s rather strange that I have this sudden urge to get to web development and design. Just by looking at the possibilities, I think it’s a good avenue to start my career. I have will have a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering by mid 2012. This degree would virtually go to waste if I go to web development and design. But my current academic state won’t let me get to hardcore engineering.

I am more of an applications guy, than a design guy. I design over a certain level of abstraction. I am more of a designer than an engineer. I use my engineering skills to design stuff. All the skills I have acquired in all these years would let me make, electronics installations and stuff, desktop applications, web applications. The skills would let me visualize data, visualize music, scriptify tasks etc. My abilities make me perfect for specific industries. I am ready to get to photography, graphic design too. But I am too weak in academics. Academia demands stuff like say, Mathematics, Systems theory etc. I am not good at these. Not at all good at these!

This is the most confusing part. I am not good in core academics and I have skills to go to the industry. My family wants me to stay in the academia. I am also a little afraid of leaving the academia. And I found only one place where my skills can be used in an academic way, MIT Media Labs. But getting a chance to do masters there seems impossible for me. And that’s why I am stuck and posting about this.

Taking a leap (of faith) is a good idea in movie. But I am pretty scared in real. Jumping off to an industry and not liking it, and then returning to roots demands resources, which I don’t have. And the pressure is killing me. I cool off by programming. I got a project at hand, and I can enjoy programming all day now. It’s a project for the web. These days web attracts me. It’s my ticket to temporary happiness these days.

A sound engineer said that “Multi-talented people face these problem, but no one can stop the talent”. 😀


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