At some points

Nothing is ever wasted unless you believe you wasted it. That’s what I say. But I didn’t do all the cool stuff I did because I knew it will not be wasted and I would need it at some point of my life. I did what I did because I loved to do what I did.

I used to make visualization presets for songs, the stuff that change and move with a song. I used to make them when I had my board exams. I used to write computer programs before examinations because that would make me relieved and relaxed before the examinations. I didn’t study at all. I used to tinker with software while I was supposed to study. And for all these ignorant behaviour my academics was hit, big time! And worse I couldn’t get to study what I always wanted to.

But seeing that I am really good at stuff while others struggle is a treat I could really enjoy, when I started in this engineering course. For me getting the hang of engineering was easy because I always was doing some sort of engineering always. And during my sophomore years I realized that everything I did was never wasted, I can help people with stuff they do. I can help myself making what I want to make. And I never stopped doing stuff I wanted to do, like working on hardware design, web design, programming. And now at the end of my engineering course, I need to believe that whatever I did was not a waste.


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