WARNING: May contain spoilers…

While I was getting out of puberty, they said ‘tragedy’ is a word meant to refer literary works that end up sad. And my language teachers also said that tragedy leaves a deeper mark in your mind than comedy does, which is the opposite of tragedy, happy endings. Somehow I used to not like tragedy. Leaving a deeper mark didn’t appeal me much. I thought my life was tragic enough. And my notion of having a tragic life was supported by the lack of getting a partner in Love multiple times. And thus I kept growing old.

When I got my copy of Eragon, Book One of Inheritance Cycle in 2004, I devoured it. I bought it from Kolkata Book Fair, as my Father suggested I get Eragon instead of Lord Of The Rings trilogy. And then I kept waiting for the next book, then the next and then the final, Eldesgt, Brisingr, Inheritance. Somewhere in the middle I read Lord of the Rings trilogy. I almost forgot about the Inheritance Cycle (Initially a trilogy) when the last book came out few days ago and I finished it few hours ago.

After reading it through, I had this sense of gap. This elf woman Arya, with whom Eragon was in Love but never joined. They came close but their love never matured, even after everything they went through together; wars, battles, meetings, confrontations. And in the end, Eragon had to leave alone to take up the mantle of the dargon-riders and raise the race of dragons. And Arya had to stay in her kingdom. I read the parts where Eragon and Arya had to consult over their parting and where they parted, over and over again. It just didn’t feel right. Since 2004, I watched Eragon grow feelings for Arya. And I really hoped something good would happen, but now, it’s just over!  Nor did it feel good as Nasuada and Murtagh had to part, because Murtagh had to live alone for the deeds he had done.

It’s swelling when I think that Eragon and Arya will never unite, even Murtagh and Nasuada just might. Even in Lord Of The Rings, Aragorn and Arwen had their Love after the great war of Middle Earth. But in Alagasia everyone had to part after the great war against King Galbatorix.

Maybe this is why I would put Paolini over Tolkien, Inheritance Cylce over Lord Of the Rings trilogy. It just left a deeper mark in my mind if not life.


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