The camp

It was early evening when I left home. Being on the road gives me a rare sense of freedom. I met others and went to set up a camp.

I knew this girl since long. I met her in facebook. I never talked with her.

We started to set up camp on 27th December, and I started to wonder when the camp will on 28th December. I was a little eager to meet her. The jeeps were coming down, I started to walk up hill to them and while the jeeps were crossing me, I was trying to see her, but could not find her.

In these Adventure cum Nature Study camps we are allotted a partner and a group of trainees who we are to train. I hoped to get allotted with her. But it never happened. I tried to interact with her and she responded nicely. I never saw such a cool nerved girl in my life. And when she was assigned with a pretty tough job and felt in-confident, and everyone asked her to call the job off, I simply said “Just think it through, you are old enough to make this decision”. And I knew she would do just that (and she did take the tough job).

The camp-fire night, we planned to get out at night and I wanted her to come and she wanted to come with us (a few guys who loves having adventures). No doubt that adventure night was quite dangerous, the way and the way back. She had the amazing and uncommon nerve to come with us and have fun. Later she explained that she wanted to experience it as it might be her only chance and she liked it.

I helped her with some stuff in camp but never got the chance to talk before we left the camp. The way back in the jeep was the best place to talk with her. We kept talking about the our common interest movies, fiction, science stuff. We kept talking until the jeep came to stop. I promised her we would continue to talk that night, but we didn’t get the chance. Her perspective of life amazed me.

We had a 10 hour train journey on our way back. I looked for a chance to talk with her and she was interested in talking about stuff like neurology, mind, consciousness etc. So we started talking again. One time, I was standing at the door of the train compartment and I was looking at the curved train. I also wanted her to see the curved. I kinda guessed she never saw such a nice thing. Before the curve ended she was able to see the curved train after her cousin. Not long after that she wanted to go and stand at the train door. We went to another train door and stood there for several minutes before getting back to our seats. It was fun! Standing together, sometimes talking, sometimes watching the moving landscape. The best part was the ‘aam-sutta’ (preserved mango). We shared a piece of aam-sutta while standing at the door. 🙂

I was worried that I would have to leave the train at Bardhaman due to some communication reasons at the terminal station but in the end we all went to the the terminal station. Bought me a few more hours with her. She talked and I talked, sometimes on totally different topics and we both enjoyed each other talking. We kept talking.

When we were parting, she handed me another piece of aam-sutta, wanted me to eat it, but I couldn’t keep it, someone else wanted it. We parted with a complexly interlocked hand-shake and a smile. I didn’t say ‘Good-Bye!’

Me, my father and a new friend were busy finding a taxi to get us to the rail-station. Then everything cooled down and unable to find a taxi we started to walk. That’s when I felt this gaping hole inside me through which wind was passing through. I silently walked down the street with others who were equally tired as me and my tears were washed away by the yellow sodium lights. I realized I was going to miss her real hard.


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