The Mould

I never really notice the things that actually shaped my childhood, and eventually shaped me as a man. I don’t exactly know what is nostalgia, but the closest thing I feel to nostalgia is not close enough to what people describe as nostalgia. But sometimes I notice small things that reminds me of experiences in some way might have shaped me. Today was one of those days when I noticed many things that meant a lot to me during my childhood. I tidied up one of our bookshelves today.
The dust is a problem here and we keep the books wrapped in polythene packets; Only the books that we don’t read in a daily basis. But as time goes on, books that are taken out of the wrapper sometimes are not put back into the polythene wrapper and the number of unwrapped books starts to increase and then one day you have to take everything out and rearrange. Today was one of those days. Few months ago my father did the same and today I decided I will do it. So I started to rearrange everything. Most books are not a big deal for me but I found some that were. I am going to list a few of those.

  • THE HISTORY OF ROCKETERY AND SPACE FLIGHT – Some US school library rejected this book and my father somehow found it in some sale probably. It was one of the coolest books I have ever read. It was full of awesome stuff. Missiles, rockets for space crafts. Awesome book it was! I kept watching the photos over and over and I didn’t read a thing, because that was english I and I could not read english at that time.
  • POCKETE BISHYO Series from Anondo Publishers – This series of books were adopted from some French encyclopedae. It was an awesome series. It was in Bengali and I read a few of those over and over. There was one on civil constructions, there was one about wheels, and there was one about money too. And so many more! I loved reading those, those were in Bengali and the text was so homely, as if someone was explaining stuff to me. And the best part was the illustrations. The illustrations just blew my mind at that time.
  • Book on the lunar missions – I don’t remember the names of the books, but I loved these books! There were two of these books with so many B&W pictures of the moon missions. I loved the pictures, and I always noticed those grid marking on the cameras, and I wonder where are those. The photos we took at home never had those marks! 🙂
  • The Young Oxford Book of Astronomy – I still remember how I got my hand on this book. It was summer and my father was late returning home, and I was up till late and when my father came, he handed me this book. It was thin and large. I totally adored this book, it classified all the astronomical objects in space and dedicated chapters for each objects. Now when I look back I realize that was a really good book structure. The chapters started with Sun and ended with Quasars and Neutron Starts and Giants!
  • The TINTIN and Asterix collection – I inherited my TINTIN collection from my Cousin and the Asterix, my father introduced me to. Those were the best comics I have ever read. There was awesome! I loved ‘TINTIN in TIBET’, well technically I loved all of them. And Asterix were overly funny! After exams I used to take down all the comics and started reading!

These are the books I came across or recalled about today and I felt I should write one or two words about them. I am sure there are many more but I cannot really think of anything else. But all I can say it was fun growing up and as I am still growing up, it’s stil a lot of FUN!
And I also found my old stamp collection today!


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