A girl I met online and was startled by her

I recently started to play Pool Live Tour on facebook. I started to enjoy the game, the whole ‘skillfully winning you way up’ was of my interest. I find the game like battle.net matchmaking service. You press play and you are put against another gamer from somewhere totally random. In battle.net the other gamer is of your level but in this case, it’s anyone. Now I was playing.
I found myself playing against a girl. She was definitely not a good players and I was pretty sure she didn’t know the rules of the game well.  At the start of the game, I usually bid GOOD LUCK to my opponents. She was no different. But when I bade GOOD LUCK to her, she said she cannot play. I encouraged her blandly, like be careful with your angles, shoot after you think, play cool etc. And she kept asking why the balls weren’t sinking.
It lasted for a few minutes and I was at my 8-ball stage, and after I shot, I potted the cue ball with it and I lost the match! I was disappointed. During my 8-ball shot she asked my what I do. But as I was busy with the shot, I didn’t reply to that question.
And then the next match started after I demanded a rematch! I was sure I was going to win this time, and after my shot, she asked me if I had a girlfriend! And before I could reply, the connection lost and the match was abandoned. I didn’t see her player card, I don’t know her last name. I only saw her picture and I know her first name. And that’s how it ended! I tried to search for her, with her photo in my mind I looked at every facebook profile with that name and couldn’t find it. I wanted a rematch, at least I could beat her easily!
In the end I was a little amazed how easily she could hit on me, though hitting online is virtually zero risk! I enjoyed that match! 🙂

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