Well, I have been busy improving my life lately. It’s been a exceptionally rewarding few days. I read a few things online and then I started to reorganize my life in a way I never done before. It’s fun to re-organize! There would be four keys currently for me.

  1. I am using technology mostly for self-scheduling. It’s the best thing! TECHNOLOGY. All you need to realize that it is there to make your life easier. Let’s assert my case with technology. I am a very forgetful person. So these days I use self scheduling software. It helps my not-forgetting tasks that I am intended to do. And I also use Calender. In the past there were days when I gave time to someone or something, and then I overlap that with another activity and then screw myself up and rendering myself unreliable to other parties. So the CALENDER is also a great help for me. I use Any.DO Android App for my task scheduling, and the built in Calender app for scheduling programs that I have. I am sure you will find you own sweet apps and gadgets to keep you on track and time.
  2. I am using the cloud. It’s another great boon of technology, using the cloud. I use EVERNOTE and GOOGLE calender and tasks to keep my tasks and schedule synced online. That way I can keep notes while I am on the PC or on the road and view them anywhere I want. Keeping notes is a part of my life now!
  3. ‘Statistically people with more willpower are more sucessful’ This is not the exact quote but the context was the same. I read it in a book review, the book was about how to increase your willpower. Whenever I feel lazy, I kinda recall this fact, and I am energetic again.
  4. I don’t keep the chores for later: It’s another important lesson I learned. This thing I learned from a blog. There it was said that do everything then if it takes less than 2 minutes. Usually chores take more than 2 minutes for me. But I still do those small mundane everyday tasks because those actually free your mind for the more important stuff that you need to do.
  5. And most importantly, I stay focused. It’s a very redundant point, but I thought I should note it here too. 🙂

You, the reader, just might find these tips helpful.


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