Practical Idea & a little Wild West…

There are many types of rejections that you can receive from a Boy/ Girl, which can be classified into two general categories.

First, you have absolutely no idea about the feelings of the other party have towards you and you simply propose a date or a relationship, you get rejected. No big deal in that.

Second, when you believe that the other party likes you the way you like the other party and you propose a date or a relationship and they refuse saying ‘I didn’t think that way!’. Horrible! Right?

A general reader who never got rejected can either ask, ‘How the hell did you know the person likes you?’ or ‘How the hell can you not know anything about the other persons’ feelings?’. In that case, he/ she should not read further down.

Now, coming back the point, let’s say you receive the second type of rejection, most people will advice, ‘Do something you like, try to enjoy things you like’. What kind of crappy advice is that? If I liked or enjoyed something during my rejection I would be doing that already. It only makes sense if the advice is like, ‘Think about the time before your rejection and try to remember the activities that you used to enjoy so dearly (Except talking with the person of interest)’. Even then, (most of us) you won’t be able to enjoy them, so what’s the point in doing ‘something you like’. Absolutely crappy piece of advice that you will find everywhere and mostly in those orchestral type articles where big dialog are written in fine tuned typographic standards.

So what shall you do? First, remember the time before rejection, and make a list of things you used to enjoy. Now start doing those one by one mixed with some of your natural reactions. I am giving out my approach,

  1. Groan.
  2. Cry a little
  3. Open up Dirt 3 and spray dirt all over the back of the Ford Focus.
  4. Read three words of a book before folding it back to it’s initial place.
  5. Groan harder again.
  6. Open up Street Fight X Tekken thinking a fighting game will help.
  7. Lose a few matches and groan even harder so everyone notice.
  8. Feel sleepy and close your eyes.
  9. Open up a Martin Gardner book, read one puzzle.
  10. Look at the ceiling and think about the bad stuff you did with the person of interest that just might tipped the person of interest off your league.
  11. Go to sleep on table.
  12. Wake up, eat snacks. Remember the person of interest and rejection.
  13. Text and irritate the person of interest.
  14. Repeat from step 1.

That was just an example of the approach you can take. Movies can be a neat activity that you can do while you are going through a rejection. It will not help you a bit getting over the rejection, but you can enjoy the movie, because your lazy brain can simply watch the movie and not do a thing that requires effort. My list of movies,

  1. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Awwwwwwwwwwwwwesome!)
  2. Shawshank Redemption (*tears*)
  3. Kung Fu Panda (Skatoosh)
  4. Monsters Inc. (Boo)
  5. The Rock (‘Losers always talk about their best’)
  6. and many more…

One more thing you can try after watching The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Imagine yourself as this character shown in the photograph. You blood will instantly start to boil (Boys only). And remember, you got a single life only.

You must have noticed that my tremendously advanced intellect is being able to express itself in a more mature way. You think my writing has become more mature that the previous post? (Go ahead and take a look at the archives). If yes, then you are mistaking! I am just trying to laugh my problem off!


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