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Sharanya Munsi

You generally return home to cheerful faces but i returned home to a dusty apartment long exiled from its former life and glory.You will be surprised it doesnot look as  dramatically different as shown in Bollywood…………….the lights not flickering to life ,every white bed sheet taking the form of Casper the Ghosts….. No, none of that happens.The lights do light up your apartment but in a very melancholy way,it is not until you have taken a few steps do you realise the intensity of dust on the floor.I returned home to this.

It is your kitchen that holds the surprise party for you ………….the steel ware glistens less due to the dust emboding them.Your black granite kitchen top revives its colour in  patches of radius of the container you just removed.Its your refrigerator that holds the surprise party  for you for its plush white interiors have now become a gamut…

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