Keeping memories

There are characters that we want to keep close. They sometimes inspire us, they sometimes show us light when everything us dark and sometimes we just want to share our happiness with them. Reality is we cannot always keep them as close to our lives as we want and in those times, we keep memories. And the special part associated with keeping memories is the way we usually keep memories.

We keeps things, materials associated with their and our lives to keep our memories rejuvenate from time to time. We talk to the memories when we are alone, when we are sad, when we are in dark.

I did some crazy things to keep memories. Keeping photos was a cliche to me.

Reprinting a painting

Once I scanned a painting of a Alexey Maresyev and another man (I don’t remember the name) from a edition of Story of a Real Man by Boris Polevoi and printed it just to keep them with me. I didn’t have a cellphone then. I was 15 then. I was truly a mess. And I yearned the courage Alexey had and dreamed of doing great things, like him. Let me tell you what he did. He was a Soviet fighter pilot. After his plane crashed, he crawled through the wild for 18 days to be picked up by local villagers and in the end his legs were amputated. He doggedly trained himself to fly with stumps. The other guy inspired Alexei to fly again no-matter-what. This print was with me for many days but I did lose it eventually. I still do think about Alexei but now I am more capable of fueling myself. 🙂

Keeping a bunch of papers from a notebook

She was my big crush, first technically complete love and eventually in time she left me. I yearned for her return pretty badly and kept stuff associated with her. Among many attempts to keep memories of her, this was weird. I kept some her notebook pages. She has a nice handwriting by-the-way. I kept those, looked at those at times and thought about the time we spent together. Nice way to keep memories. 😛 I dont’ have those anymore (MOVING ON!).

Keeping an autograph on a notebook

I met a girl. She is awesome. She is nice, calm, sweet and AWESOME! I didn’t had the chance to get some photos of her, so what did I do? I kept a signature of her. She showed it to me and I thought, ‘Wow! This is a nice signature!’. I asked her to do it again on my notebook, and I kept my notebook. I made things with that signature, but I kept it with me. I took the notebook wherever I went. And sometimes opened it up to check the signature. The lines that went into the details of the signature. The general form of it. The signature was there with me until I had to leave the notebook at a place in an errand. I am sure I will get it back again, I just don’t know when.

And now…

Now it seems all these weird things happened because I didn’t have a better way to keep memories. I didn’t have photos, I didn’t have videos, I didn’t have recorded voices. And I realized this when I saw a beautiful photo of the beautiful Girl I mentioned earlier (The signature girl). What did I do? I downloaded and kept the photo of her in my phone. For the first time ever I actually am keeping a photo of a girl I love in my phone! Previously I thought keeping a girl in my heart was enough but the photo is actually reminding vividly and I love it that way!

My conclusion

My conclusion is, cliche or no-cliche, keep memories the way you want, they are as good as your dreams are. They are a significant part of all-you-got.


2 comments on “Keeping memories

  1. a.das says:

    nice , i mean the english is not very polished(hell it’s incorrect at times) but the topic is nice and the whole thing seems has a very personal touch to it, a very good read

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