Suggestions are a very good thing. It makes you feel comfortable with a confusion. They can persuade you to embrace ideas that you never knew existed in your mind. Suggestions sometimes make you think the other way round. And sometimes suggestions can make you a complete dumbass. If you asked my few days ago how I do take suggestions, I would probably say, I am open to all suggestions. Now I would definitely prefer to hear and analyze the whole suggestion before I wrap my head around it.

After taking the a suggestion few days ago, I realized expressions are not always meant to do what they are originally meant for. The original suggestion was in the form, ‘Let go, stop trying’. I didn’t only let go, I let the person suggesting compose my expressions for me. You should never let someone else talk for you heart, you should let go of your heart yourself. I made a mistake!

It felt real good when she replied, she poked back. It’s not like that anymore. It’s a guilt for not expressing what I actually meant and I cannot do anything to fix it. It’s only been a few days without an exchange and I feel wrecked. I wish I was stronger than this. I don’t like regrets, I try not to wish that I didn’t do what I did.

I have faith in time, in life and in people who come in my life. And the only one thing I can do is hope everything will be alright. Till then I will keep listening to songs, keep my head down, take the loss, and dream impossible dreams, keep high hopes to make myself walk on.


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