It was my first time. Two bottles of beer. Local brew. I could feel the alcohol upsetting my system. My head was turning. I was talking about my rejections, it was actually funny at that time rather than being very sad. The thought that I usually force over my mind, ‘live on and and don’t be sad’ was coming naturally. We all opened up. All three of us.

We were walking. Headlights of trucks, lorries and cars, bright dots from far away. Those headlights were so funny! I was laughing! I was laughing whenever I was toppling down the aisle. And the sodium vapour street lights? Those were liek the weirdest things I ever saw. My gait was like a sinusoidal curve. I was laughing as my wannabe gung-ho wild west mindset. I was laughing at my life. I was laughing at the miserable state I was in while trying to keep control of my life. I was laughing that I don’t care and totally ready to move on with my life. I was laughing at the fact that I was literally DRUNK!

I lied down, turned up ‘Pink Floyd – Coming back to life’, got up, vomited, cleaned up and I slowly let go.

I felt good…


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