The secret of my lollipops

I have been falling in Love since was in puberty, like everyone else. But never it went as I hoped it would be. It’s always a big disappointment for me. Falling in love, getting rejected. The endless loop of pain. I used to think of each episodes of Love as my bullet-wounds. Scars that makes me hotter. It doesn’t feel like that any-more.

Each episode in this loop slowly transforms into a lollipop, which I am able to lick and enjoy sarcastically. It’s like licking a deep cut and tasting blood but with a hint of sugar; I have seven lollipops, each with unique flavours which I can savour. And each of my flavoured lollipops is enjoyed with specific set of soundtracks.

There is absolutely no point in describing the lollipops’ taste because it would appear same to you, unless you taste it yourself. So I would restrain myself from describing it. Here is something you can taste though, list of songs that I play while enjoy my lollipops. Totally un-ordered.



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